Silicon Teething Jewellery

Silicon Teething Jewellery

Silicon Teething jewellery is the perfect solution to that age old teething problem. It is the simplest way for you to be able to look and feel beautiful whilst having the practical element of being able to wear products your little one can nibble on safely.

Most mums stop wearing jewellery when they have their baby because babies love to chew and pull on everything especially if mum is wearing it. Hair, gold, silver and plastic, whatever you have on your baby is sure to want to pull on it, suck on it and most definitely chew on it once those little toothy pegs start making an appearance. The problem is that all of those things are quite harmful to your little ones teeth and gums and your regular jewellery contains elements such as lead which can be toxic to your little ones health.

Our teething jewellery is made with 100% non toxic silicone and contain no nasties like lead, PVC, BPA Caldium or Pthalates. We comply with the Australian/NZ safety standard AS/NZS ISO 8124-1:2010 and also have regular independent testing done to ensure that you receive the highest quality products at all times.

Our products are made from the highest grade silicone and even pass the pinch test! If you bend cheap silicone hard it will turn white which means its cheap! Our products will never turn white because they are the best silicone available and are 100% food grade. No nasties here!

Our jewellery is definitely lots of fun and will keep your little one entertained but please note our products are not a TOY and should never be left with children under 3 years old unsupervised. We want to ensure the highest reputation for safety and we trust that you will enjoy wearing your Silicone Jewellery products responsibly.

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion just because you have curious little ones, so happy Nibbling little ones, mumma has a brand new style!

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