Made out of 100% FDA approved Santoprene

Comfortably Reaches Rear Molars:  Unlike current teethers that are too large to get past the front teeth, the Teethifier is uniquely designed to comfortably glide over the front teeth and reach the rear molars.

Instant Function Recognition: While most teethers look like toys to be thrown, the teethifier has a familiar pacifier appearance that an infant instantly recognizes as something to be chewed.

Gently Massages Sore Gums:  The teethifier's shield keeps the raised ends at exactly the right location in the mouth, the perfect place to gently massage sore gums. Its a great alternative to topical medicines.

A Great Transition From Pacifier To Teether:  For those infants who are finding it difficult to say goodbye to their pacifier, The Teethifier is the perfect transitional device. It protects against possible pallet or orthodontic damage that can be caused by extended pacifier use.

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