Itti Value Packs

Itti Value Packs

itti Value Packs are a brilliant way to try out some of our fantastic nappies

Discover the fantastic trim itti fit with a discount for buying in bulk.


Eighteen nappies is a good number for full time use, washing every 1-2 days. If you would prefer to wash every 2-3 days, or you have more than one child in nappies, a 24 pack will suit you better. The bitti tutto and bitti d'lish packs are sold with just the outer shells, you will need to get 1-2 soaker sets to go with each nappy.

Using 2-3 soaker sets per shell, means you could buy less shells in total - so for full time use, 12-18 shells, with 24-30 soaker sets.

Getting extra soaker sets for your bitti tutto or bitti d'lish Snap In One nappies will extend the time between washing, as you can just change the soaker sets if the nappy is just wet. As well, when you wash, the outer shell dries very quickly, but the soakers take much longer, so if you have extra soaker sets, you can put them in the outer shells as soon as they are dry.


Six - twelve nappies is the best number for part time use, washing every 2-3 days. Twelve nappies can be used as a full time pack if you wash daily

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