Bitti Boo

Bitti Boo

Totally lush, super trim AND really absorbent

It’s no wonder bitti boo night nappies are such a favourite, now with a mini-booster included!

bitti boo night nappies are designed with the signature ultra trim itti bitti fit, they are incredibly soft and stay that way, wash after wash.

These adorable nappies contain mostly natural fibres, featuring:

  • velvety bamboo/organic cotton velour nappy shell
  • supreme absorbency with TWO snap-in bamboo/organic cotton soakers, plus each nappy comes with a bamboo mini booster as well. You can add an extra mini booster for super heavy wetters overnight.
  • silky soft bamboo velour on the hourglass booster layer next to bubs skin
  • the nappy snaps apart into 4 pieces, so they dry fast too
  • featuring the signature itti bitti colour coded snaps, so they are easy to assemble


The bitti boo night nappies require a cover/wrap for complete waterproofness. We recommend wool or fleece covers for overnight use

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