Woven Wraps

Woven Wraps

Wraps are the most versatile baby carrier. The same wrap can be easily used by multiple wearers, can be used in multiple positions, and has plenty of other uses beyond baby carrying (hammocks, swings, blankets….). Because a wrap is literally wrapped on wearer and baby, it provides a custom fit every time. While there is a slight learning curve with wraps, most wrappers will tell you it’s actually quite easy with just a little practice.  Woven wraps can be used for high back carries which allows for even young infants to be back carried.

Ellaroo: Ellaroos are very thin wraps so a good choice for warm weather; all come with fringe.  With a little use, they become quite soft and easier to wrap with.

Storchenwiege:  Another workhorse wraps, Storchs are known for durability and support.  Most are medium thick (the Louise Bio wraps are thin).  Storchs do require breaking in when purchased new.

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